Understanding the Problem

Understanding the Problem

Your car can tell you a lot about the impact of deposits on performance:

PROBLEM: Rough idle, hesitation or stumbling during acceleration, loss of power, decreased fuel mileage, increased emissions

CAUSE: Fuel injector
The opening of a fuel injector is only about the width of a human hair. Deposit buildup at the opening of the fuel injector impacts the fuel flow, reducing the amount of fuel ignited in the combustion chamber by changing the dispersion pattern of the air/fuel mixture required for optimum performance.

PROBLEM: Poor drivability, loss of power, increased emissions

CAUSE: Intake valve deposits
Intake valve deposits can absorb fuel during warm-up, leaning out the air/fuel mixture.

PROBLEM: Knocking, pinging, run-on after the engine is turned off, poor acceleration, need for higher-octane fuel, increased emissions

CAUSE: Combustion chamber deposits
Deposits build in the combustion chamber, which increases the compression chamber temperature that causes an auto-ignition of the air/fuel mixture.

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