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Specialty Treatments

Fuel System Treatment

Greased Lightning Fuel System Treatment has been proven to Increase Fuel Mileage over 13% in Independent Tests. Greased Lightning Fuel System Treatment meets or exceeds OEM test standards for GM, Ford, Chrysler, Toyota, Mercedes, BMW, et al. Formula used by Top Import Manufacturers. Earth Friendly, Reduces Emissions/Restores Performance. Proven in Independent Tests to reduce Hydro Carbons and Carbon Dioxide, by over 60% in high mileage vehicles. Greased Lightning Fuel System Treatment is so concentrated it is the only 12,000 mile fuel treatment available.

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GL-400016 oz5566504000$8.49

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Synthetic Transmission Treatment

Greased Lightning Synthetic Transmission Treatment instantly eliminates transmission slipping, shudder, and chatter while eliminating hard shifting problems in automatic transmissions. Solves Transmission Problems without costly repairs. Advanced Synthetic Formula that Really Works. Compatible with all Transmission Fluids. Prevents premature Transmission Failure.

Part #PackageUPCPrice
GL-700012 oz05566507000$7.99

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Stop It - Engine

Greased Lightning Stop It Engine Stop Leak Stop Smoke reduces exhaust smoke and oil consumption, stops engine leaks, reconditions engine seals and gaskets, improves compression, and helps engines run smoother and quieter.

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GL-800013.5 oz5566508000$3.99

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Stop It - Transmission

Greased Lightning Stop It Transmission Stop Leak and Conditioner is guaranteed to stop all transmission leaks, recondition old seals, smooth rough shifting and protect against premature transmission failure.

Part #PackageUPCPrice
GL-020013.5 oz5566500200$3.99

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Stop It - Power Steering

Greased Lightning Stop It Power Steering Stop Leak and Conditioner is guaranteed to stop power steering leaks, stop rack and pinion leaks, renews Power Steering Pumps, racks, reconditions seals and gaskets, and protects against premature power steering pump failure.

Part #PackageUPCPrice
GL-660013.5 oz5566506600$3.49

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Engine Treatments

Instant Engine Treatment with PTFE

Greased Lightning Instant Engine Treatment with PTFE and Friction Modifiers immediately reduce engine noise, friction, heat and wear. Add to engine oil anytime, just pour it in... and go, no special tools, no need to wait until your text oil change. Works Immediately to Solve your Engine Problem.

Part #PackageUPCPrice
GL-3001 8 oz5566503001$4.99

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