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Greased Lightning automotive products that solve problems

Greased Lightning Fuel System Treatment has been proven to increase gas mileage in independent tests so you’ll save money, improve performance, and go farther between fill-ups! Guaranteed or your money back!*

General Motors, BMW, Honda, Toyota, Volkswagen, and Audi all state most gas in the U.S. does not have adequate detergent to keep injectors clean and ensure optimal performance! To see what the EXPERTS say, click here!

Greased Lightning offers a full line of quality automotive products designed to extend engine life, reduce emissions, and solve the declining performance that plagues vehicles over time.

Call us today at 1-800-963-3444 U.S. or 1-863-551-1079 International to find out more!

* See package for details.

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Fuel System TreatmentGreased Lightning Fuel System Treatment has been proven to increase fuel mileage over 13% in independent tests.
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Synthetic Transmission TreatmentGreased Lightning Synthetic Transmission Treatment instantly eliminates transmission slipping, shudder and chatter as well as hard shifting problems in automatic transmissions.
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Instant Engine TreatmentGreased Lightning Instant Engine Treatment with PTFE and friction modifiers immediately reduces engine noise, friction, heat and wear. Buy Now »
Fuel System TreatmentGreased Lightning Engine Treatment CerTech™ Ultra Proven in a battery of independent tests to reduce friction, heat and wear better than any other friction modifier. Buy Now »

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