Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What will Greased Lightning engine treatment do for my engine?

A: It will protect your engine against cold-start damage and viscosity breakdown. Greased Lightning uses PTFE, which has the lowest co-efficient of friction of any product known in nature or chemistry. Greased Lightning's Friction Fighting Formula wraps a protective shield around your engine's vital parts to reduce friction, heat, and wear, and improve fuel consumption while extending engine life. Additionally, Greased Lightning blends a proprietary additive package designed to extend oil change intervals (25,000 miles in industrial fleets). Greased Lightning's engine treatment is the only one that meets the API specs for both late-model gas and diesel applications, including turbo engines.

Q: What is PTFE?

A: PTFE is short for polytetrafluoroethylene (and now you know why it's abbreviated). Originally developed by DuPont over 50 years ago, it is a polymer with the lowest co-efficient of friction. PTFE has been used in everything from pans (to prevent sticking) to fabrics (to prevent stains) to car polish. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, it is the slipperiest substance known.

Q: What is the difference between PTFE and Teflon?

A: Basically nothing! Teflon is DuPont's registered name for its brand of PTFE.

Q: A friend told me that the PTFE in Greased Lightning would clog my filter. Is this true?

A: Absolutely not! Most oil filters are designed to separate out particles above 30 microns in size. The PTFE in Greased Lightning is 2 microns—so small it can barely be seen with the naked eye, but it will readily pass through any oil pump or filter, protecting vital wear surfaces. To give you an idea of how small that is, a hair is approximately 50 microns, so the median particle I size is 1/25th the diameter of a human hair.

Q: How exactly does Greased Lightning work?

A: To the naked eye, the wear surfaces of an engine look perfectly smooth and regular. In reality, when viewed through a microscope, they are pitted with microscopic imperfections that cause friction when the critical wear surfaces come into contact. Greased Lightning's unique chemistry protects these wear surfaces—reducing friction, heat, and wear, which provides you with a smoother-running, longer-lasting engine.

Q: What makes Greased Lightning different from other engine treatments?

A: In a word, quality. Not only does Greased Lightning use only pure PTFE, our additive package and friction modifiers combine with the world's finest motor oil to create the highest-quality engine treatment you could buy. In addition, it's packed full of other special additives to reduce corrosion and sludging. Many of the leading brands use cheaper, potentially corrosive additives and an inferior, SAE 30-rated oil that does not meet the API specs for today's cars and trucks. Greased Lightning contains no chlorinated paraffin (like many competitors), which can be very corrosive to your engine's internal components.

Q: Some engine treatments have to be shaken. Why not Greased Lightning?

A: Simple! Our chemists have developed a special way of keeping the PTFE in colloidal suspension, so you never need to shake Greased Lightning to make it work properly. After all, when was the last time you shook your car?

Q: Will Greased Lightning safely mix with all other oils and additives?

A: Greased Lightning is compatible with all other quality oil additives and motor oils, including the latest synthetics.

Q: Why order from Greased Lightning?

A: Here's what Greased Lightning offers:

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