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Greased Lightning offers a full line of high-quality automotive products designed to improve performance, reduce emissions, extend engine life, and prevent and solve automotive problems for consumers—and we're always looking for great distributors to join our team in the U.S. and internationally.

We offer our revolutionary products in trademarked packaging under the Greased Lightning, Rampage™, STOP IT™, and CerTech™ Ultra labels as well as private-label programs and bulk ordering in 55-gallon drums. Plus, Greased Lightning manufactures its own products so you always know who you're dealing with.

By distributing Greased Lightning products, you can realize high profit margins, protected territories, manufacturer-direct pricing, and brand recognition after a low initial investment. Call today to find out about available territories or fill out our sign-up form and qualify for a special discount on your first order!

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Test Results
"I work at an auto parts store and we had a customer come in complaining that their car was sputtering and stalling—from what we could determine, the fuel injectors were clogged. We recommended Greased Lightning Fuel System Treatment and they came back a couple of days later praising the Greased Lightning product and thanking us for recommending it to them."