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"I have a 1984 Plymouth Horizon with 157,000 miles on it, and for six months my overheating light has been coming on constantly. I tried Dura Lube radiator treatment, but that was a waste of money. I saw your product in the store so I tried it and it works great! My overheating light does not come on any more and my car runs a lot better… Thank you, this is the first treatment I have bought that really works."

—Ian West, Costa Mesa, CA

"Dramatic improvement in both vehicles! For once, a product does what its label claims it will do. I frankly was skeptical, but am now a believer."

—Col. O.L. Ramsey, Altamonte Springs, FL

"It's the only time in my 32 years in auto parts I have ever had a customer thank me for selling him a fuel injection cleaner… It's the only fuel injector product that we recommend because we know the customer will be happy."

—Steve Blare, Murray's Auto Parts, Walled Lake, MI

"…[M]y valve train noise instantly went away! I was so impressed that I went out to all of the K-Marts in two counties and bought up all of the Greased Lightning Instant Engine Treatment I could find."

—Mark Vivian, Newport Beach, CA

"I bought all kinds of stop-leak products and nothing helped! I just had to write to let you know how thrilled I was to find Greased Lightning—it stopped my power steering leak when nothing else would."

—Betty Morris, Pascagoula, MS

"[I have a] '99 Ford Explorer with 161,000 miles on it… shifts smooth as a baby's butt now! Then I bought your gas treatment and I could tell the difference the very first day."

— J.E. Buchanan (Driver for O'Reilly's Auto Parts), Broken Arrow, OK

"Great product! My transmission does not slip any more! THANK YOU!"

—John Vamvakis, Cooper City, FL

"Having bought your product and put it into my Alfa Romeo 155 I find the car running much smoother, quieter, and more responsively—it seems to do just as the package says! Thank you!"

—William Allen, Brereton Rugeley, Staffordshire, UK

"This stuff is great! Increased gas mileage, smoother idle, and better acceleration. I never noticed such dramatic results from Dura Lube or Slick 50. I love your product—please don't raise the price."

—Herb O. Buckland, West Valley City, UT

"The packaging is great… The customers love it… All the products really work—that's the bottom line… After they use Greased Lightning they come back and ask for it every time."

—Doug Snyder, Advance Auto Parts Orlando, FL

"You folks have a phenomenal product! I was given a good faith estimate of $1,200 to $1,500 dollars to fix my transmission. Instead, I tried the Greased Lightning Transmission Treatment. The improvement was instant! I have been driving what the shop said was an 'undriveable' car for a year now. Thanks!"

—Greg Cherpes, Reston, VA

"Your products are great! Increased gas mileage, smoother idle, and better acceleration. I never noticed such dramatic results using Dura Lube or Slick 50. I love your product!"

—Herb Buckland, West Valley City, UT

"About three months ago I decided to try your product in my 1989 Lincoln Town Car, which had about 120,000 miles. The car was using a quart of oil about every 200 miles. At my next oil change I used your Engine Treatment and in the next 3,000 miles of hard driving I used less than 2 quarts of oil. I have never written a letter of this type in my 72 years. Your product is that impressive."

—Paul Messenger, USDA

"Thanks for making a great product—my transmission does not slip any more. Thank you."

—John Vanikiss, Kissimmee, FL

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