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Greased Lightning is a full-line manufacturer of high-quality automotive additives, lubricants, oils, and chemicals designed to improve performance, protect vehicle components, extend engine life, and solve automotive problems for our customers. Greased Lightning is a family-owned business where the owners have committed themselves to manufacture the highest-quality products in the industry and bring exceptional value to the consumer. Our focus has always been offering solutions to our customers, being responsive to their ever-changing automotive needs, providing environmentally friendly products, and ensuring customer satisfaction.


Greased Lightning's goal is to become a recognized Global Brand Leader in the automotive additive, lubricant, chemical, and appearance product market. This mission will be accomplished by delivering the best quality and value to the consumer, focusing on environmentally friendly products that solve problems, combined with exceptional service, and customer support to our distribution partners. The result of our efforts will be an international manufacturing and marketing company with the financial, human, operational, and technical resources to anticipate and respond to changes in the global market, allowing Greased Lightning to develop new, innovative products that have a positive impact on the environment.

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